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Does your design require something beyond our classic shapes, sizes, and colors? Request a custom sign using our special order form. Most shapes are possible, even ones with irregular outlines. You can choose from 31 glossy enamel colors. If you have a special request, please describe your wishes in the project description box at the end of the form. You may upload photos and files for visual reference as well.

One-Off Pricing:  The price for a custom sign can, in most cases, be determined by the area of the sign (height x width) and there will normally be no additional charges. However, if you order special features that are not already offered on this page, additional fees may be added. Examples include: More than two colors, odd shapes, special typefaces, trims, icons and complicated art work. Once we receive your order we will contact you if a revised price is necessary.

Bulk Order Pricing: Ramsign offers attractive volume discounts on multiple sign orders. If you have a project involving two or more signs, please indicate the number of signs you need in the project description box at the end of the form. We will get back to you with a revised and discounted price based on your information.

Shipping fees: All special orders include free shipping.

Colors: Please note color representations vary slightly when viewed on screen.  If you need a precise color match, we highly recommend you order a color swatch, a physical sample of the true color.

Maximum dimensions: 23″ x 23″ (60cm x 60cm)

Digital Proof: When you place a special order, you will receive a digital proof of your custom sign within 1-2 business days at no extra charge. If you wish to order a proof only, there is a non-refundable charge of $9.00.

Satisfaction guarantee: All orders are backed by our satisfaction guarantee. We will work with you to create a sign to your exact design specifications. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund.


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